Invest a minimum of $10,000 and we'll help you get up to a 93% return.

This is where we started in 2006.
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3126 Barker Circle
Purchase price: $0 Rehab cost: $5000 Sale price: $100,000 at 6.25% interest for 25 years
13425 W. 61st
Purchase price: $0 Rehab cost: $7,500 Sale price: $161,000 at 5.681% interest for 30 years
8214 Northwest 82nd Court
Purchase price: $0 Rehab cost: $15,500 Sale price: $210,000 at 3.958% for 30 years.
And then, loans.
we helped an investor build 2 loans that earned him a 20% return on each loan in 6 months.
This is what we do for our clients now: A client invested 10k and she earned a 58% return on her investment. We are in discussions to sell the whole package to another investor for 20k-30k. In months!
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Minimum midMerc Client profit

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About MidMerc

We’re MidMerc LLC. We invest in seller financing single-family homes, high-return business loans, insurance, and other nonstock investments. We have been doing this since 2006.

In those 17 years, we’ve learned a few secrets that even the most prolific investors often don’t know. We want to show you how to use these secrets to get the same incredible returns on your non-stock investments.

How does MidMerc work?

Do you have another investment amount higher than $10,000? That’s even better. Just tell us what you have to work with and we’ll offer you a variety of insured investment options that will all provide similar returns. We can do as many new investments as you want, utilizing different methods at any amount above $10,000.

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Contact MidMerc LLC now. We’ll then schedule a call with MidMerc president and CEO Joe Washington.


You may also contact us by text or through Joe’s LinkedIn below. Calls to the provided number will NOT BE ANSWERED.

Phone number: +1(424)999-5210